Our Suicidal Exploration

ThoughtWhat’s with the title of this blog?

Well, What’s with the human being?

That’s what the title is all about.

What’s with yourself?

What’s with myself?

What makes me different than any single atom finding it’s way through life in any possible given dimension?

These kinds of questions reveal a hunger of the mind,  mishandling or abandoning of these kinds of questions lead us to Suicide. Self-murder. Psychotic Breakdowns. 

I started this blog because I’m facing some important questions about myself.

I get sick of thinking, but I do it.

I started this blog because suicide and self-murder were logically flawless algorithms before I thought about the things I want to talk about here. After I thought through these things, it became clear to me suicide and self-murder were illogical. 

This does not promote a way of thinking. It shares my thinking. And I hope it helps you and many others.

If it doesn’t help you, I hope you enjoy it. I hope you have fun thinking. I hope you enjoy exploring everything around you, and exploring yourself.

This is not a 20-second solution blog.

It’s not a solution blog, period. It’s a collection of thoughts that come from someone who has been helped and FASCINATED by these ideas. Mere fascination with some of these ideas has drawn me away from the “darkness” I have felt inside. I’m not claiming they will do the same for you.

I’m doing my best to post DAILY, so make sure you come back to see if there is any food for your thoughts.

Much love,



One thought on “Our Suicidal Exploration

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