The Difference Between “I am” and “I feel”

The other day I felt worthless and like a sham..More than I have for awhile. 

And I felt a need to express myself–be honest with myself without beating myself up. So what I did was replace my negative “I am–” thoughts with “I feel–” thoughts. Eventually, I was reminded that my identity and my identity’s emotional spectrum are not melded together.  In addition, saying “I Feel” left me with a mental cliffhanger–one that asked myself “So..if you FEEL that way, who are you truly?”

Saying “I am worthless” leaves you at a stopping point, where all you can do is dwell in the negativity.

Saying “I FEEL worthless” leaves you at a point where you can begin to wonder if what you’re feeling is true…where you can accept it or reject it for yourself. 

Than I spent time declaring who I want to be and who I am. 

Of course, the most wise thing to do is to completely move on and eject all thoughts, but to be realistic, we have moments where we feel too weak to completely deny the fact we feel the way we do. It is a means of expression to spend time speaking “I feel —-” outloud.

Much love,




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