Contentment. Reblogged an awesome Post

So a friend of mine posted up something the other day about her experiences and a lot of it touched on contentment. Remember my entry about how “speaking kills”, and how sometimes being still is the best way to experience life? Yeah, well sometimes over thinking things and engaging in unnecessary self-talk can lead to discontentment. In context with my friend’s situation (homesickness and learning to be content where she is), she puts it this way:

“It’s about being content with where you are. I think its OK to miss any place where you aren’t. I think its OK to want to be with the people you love, but that said, don’t let that take over your life to the extent that you miss out on what is right outside your door.”

In other words, being consumed by where you AREN’T, literally or metaphorically can distract you from the beauty you can encounter right where you are. Without further ado, here is her blog entry:


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