Found a book at the library about a woman with bipolar and depression who completely healed from it solely by natural means; changes in diet and habitual thinking. In addition, there are stories of many people who have gone through the same. I’m already inspired. Not only to take care of myself, but inspired by the beauty of human strength in general. For those interested, the book is called

Healing Depression and Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs

by Gracelyn Guyol



3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I have been on so many meds for so many years I feel like I have no control over my real self nor do I even know what my real self is like anymore. I am going to read that book..if I could control my bipolar by natural means, I think I would cry with joy. It is so hard being chained to drugs-not having a real choice!

    • No matter how much improvement can be made, I’m sure some sort of improvement can come about by striving towards a lifestyle of natural health. If you read it, bear in mind that the author is a little extreme and negative about medication. Do what best fits you.

      Much love,

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