The Present

to live in the present does not mean to forget the past and future. it’s to realize the past and future literally don’t exist so all you can live in is the present. All that exists is this MEMORY. This picture you have in this PRESENT MOMENT that you ASSOCIATE with the illusory concept of the past and or of the future. What can you do to live in the present? the Real experience? spend your energy thinking about the fact you merely have THOUGHTS in this PRESENT MOMENT that use the illusory concept of the future, but tomorrow is just a word.

When we say to our mind “tomorrow is coming”, even if we know deep down tomorrow isn’t literally coming, we live as if it is. Tomorrow is not coming. It does not exist. If it existed RIGHT NOW, there would be a YOU of tomorrow living somewhere in the “future” right now. But there is one of you. the future does not exist. It’s an illusory concept. It is. Even if it is not, your consciousness can only live in the present. Any memoThe best way to get something done is to not think about the “future”, but to think about the fact yo


2 thoughts on “The Present

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  2. Interesting post. I’ve been trying hard to think less and less about tomorrow and focus on the present. By the way, I said I’d log into my WordPress on Omegle so here I am and yeah, hey there 🙂

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