The reality of Association

It is becoming clear to me that much distress and pleasure has to do with association. When we experience something that is stimulating (either in a “negative” or “positive way”) our subconscious has more of a tendency to associate that circumstance or nature of that circumstance to that emotion. What would happen if we learned to become aware of these associations? Furthermore, what would happen if we learned to reprogram these associations?


4 thoughts on “The reality of Association

  1. What would happen? we would no longer let our subconscious control our actions/reactions to outside stimulus. We would be able to re-shape our subconscious. We would be able to shape the outcomes of the interactions we have with objects, people etc.

  2. This makes perfect sense. Recovering addicts are constantly reprogramming in this way to stay alive – to fight the temptation of euphoric recall before catching even a toe in the quicksand again. It’s similar, I think, for those struggling with mental illness. In the on-going battle to stay on top of reality, one totem thought for me is that feelings are not facts. This thing that is effecting me very likely is ONLY effecting me this way (and not the whole world), and with greater perspective it often loses its power.

    • Exactly. Great way of putting it. “Greater perspective”, aka becoming aware that a feeling is a feeling. It’s real, and it drifts you a certain direction, but how much you choose to identify yourself with it determines how much you drift more than necessary with the feeling.

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