I believe

Something simple, yet forgotten. If we observe our thinking throughout the day, and most actions, we will find there’s almost always a belief associated with it. Or it’s only a belief in something that can give leeway for a certain action. Even down to taking a step. You wouldn’t set foot on the ground beneath you if you didn’t believe it would hold you up, yes? If it is for simple things like this that belief is necessary, and beliefs influence our actions, what about the bigger issues?

We treat ourselves and others a certain way because of beliefs we have, and are unaware of. Once we see this, our habits and thinking can change rapidly.

life: acoustic & amplified



To be happy, you don’t have to do anything new. You just have to remember how to believe again… Believe everything good is possible. Believe in your dreams. Believe in people. Believe in love. But most of all… Believe in yourself.
– Doe Zantamata

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