TIME: An Illusion?

For awhile now, I’ve believed time is an illusion, but I have been finding out that the reason many people still believe it exists is because mathematically it’s necessary to implement time as a variable, yes? But here’s something I’m thinking about:

if particles are always moving, than does that mean time isn’t necessary in explaining the occurrence of two events taking place at different “times”? There’s no such thing as two “events” if all matter is constantly moving in some way. An “event” denotes that that something wasn’t taking place and now it is. But this is never the case. Something is always taking place. Just on a scale so miniscule, that we perceive it as stillness. Furthermore, a PRESENT memory of the “past” is just a present memory. So what does this mean? Apparently, no one has been able to reach an “absolute zero” when it comes to the motion of matter…


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