I refuse to believe there is nothing….

I refuse to believe there is nothing someone who is conscious and self-aware can do to grow stronger today. If you are bedridden, explore something you haven’t explored before in your mind. Understand something new. Expand and grow yourself in some way. When it seemed impossible for me to leave my room or get out of bed because of some agonizing darkness, I envisioned myself leaving my room or getting out of bed. That was my way of pushing myself.

For everything starts in the mind. Even if all you can use is your mind for the rest of your life, do something. Read about something new. Listen to something new and unfamiliar. Think about something new and unfamiliar. And do not let society’s idea of “doing something more” be your standard of what is enough or more. Someone else’s more MAY be too much for you at this point in life. Understand yourself. Know your present malleable limits. Take into account others’ input, but test it for yourself. And push yourself just a bit further. Any sort of experience where you become aware that you have just grown in some way or another will encourage you for the next. The key is to give yourself an experience which makes known to you your capacity to grow in some way. 


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