The Hurricane in Your Mind (Anxiety and Depression)

Most of the time, we let ourselves get torn to shreds by the storm of thoughts we encounter in our mind whenever anxiety or depression hits. I decided to do a video on a first step to flying above the storm:

What’s the difference between being in a hurricane and flying above a hurricane? I mean, what happens to you in either situation?

In the first, everything about you is torn to shreds. You are taken nowhere but doom.

In the latter, you learn something new. You are in awe. You are able to see the big picture clearly, and you can live on reveling in the beauty of life until the next storm comes.

Which one do you want? When the hurricane in your mind is here, which one do you want? Awe and Inspiration to live on, or doom and discouragement?

The first step I took in order to learn how to fly above the storm and understand myself and my mind was this:

Personifying Thoughts.

What do I mean by personifying thoughts?

Rather than drowning in the sensation/feeling of hopelessness and confusion you encounter whenever anxiety or depression attacks, thus making you feel lost in the abyss of your soul, personifying your thoughts means

looking at each thought individually in the eyes, stepping outside of your feelings, in order to deal with the issue.

Personifying your thoughts means categorizing thoughts into one of two categories:

* A thought that steers you towards a perspective of your identity that is negative. This is your enemy (hopefully). 

*A thought that steers you towards a perspective of your identity that is positive. (This is your friend)

Step into the shoes of a warrior for a moment. The sign of a victorious warrior is one that does not examine his or her own feelings whenever an enemy approaches. The victorious warrior looks their enemy in the eyes and puts up their shield and weapon.

Your shield is your awareness of the thought, and your weapon is your dialogue with the thought.

In other words, begin to consciously acknoweldge what specific thoughts are running through your mind throughout the day.

Right now it may seem like there are many that come at once, but that’s not true. The mixture of emotion with a thought or two makes it seem like there are many thoughts at once. The truth is, one thought takes you to the next thought, and the next thought, and so on. 

Once you begin to become aware of your thoughts, stare the negative ones in the eyes and challenge them. Speak in your mind against them. They are your enemies.

When you stand up for yourself inwardly, you will begin to stand up for yourself outwardly.

So the first step to flying above the storm:

Personify Your Thoughts. Become aware of the individual thoughts and challenge the ones that you don’t want dictating your life. 


The Death or Life of Your Sanity Depends on This

If you believe your negative thoughts supply you with life like the breath, you will be tossed to and fro.

If you believe you supply your sanity with life through the extermination of negative thoughts with every breath you take, you will toss defeat to and fro.

Observe Your whole self and take command.

More on this Later.

Oxygen Kills Suicide: How to take a Baby Step Away from the Negativity

Here’s something I started doing that truly began to pull me out of the depths of Suicidal Impulses. Something we can do anywhere at anytime.

Many people talk about it but we don’t do it enough.

Suicidal impulses, anxiety, and depression all feel like DEATH inside, right?

One common cause of human death is suffocation of some sort–lack of OXYGEN to the brain.

For example…when you hold your breath under water, your thoughts begin to move into a realm of panic once you begin to run out of OXYGEN, right? Thoughts of DEATH and negativity that remind you something inside of you is beginning to shut down.

The physical is tied very much into the emotional and mental. A lack of oxygen causes panic and negative thoughts. And even can influence the sensation of death–the feeling that you are shutting down and that you have nothing left in you to live.Extreme examples such as drowning shows this to be true.

Do we really realize how important deep breathing is?

The phrase “Breathe. It’s OK” is not to be treated as a mere picture of an attempt to calm down. That phrase encapsulates a key to finding the life within you in the most difficult of moments.

Here’s a way to supply more oxygen to your body, thus increasing your ability to embrace positive thoughts, and toss out the negative ones:

* Breathe into your diaphram

* Breathe slowly

* Envision life and strength entering into you as you inhale. Envision weakness and death leaving as you exhale. For some strange reason it helps

*Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

I found deep breathing to be effective when I started living it. Pressing on to do it all the time. Not just during times when I meditate and such.

Oxygen provides you life…literally, and holistically.

I speak merely from experience. This is helped me TREMENDOUSLY.

Find your Purpose in a Blood Cell

Sounds crazy right?

Today I decided to do a video on this:

I was browsing some blogs the other day and, to quote in their words exactly, i found questions on purpose posed. The following quote is from the blog “The Writer’s Bay”..The entry was called “Imperfect Circle:”

“So I think a more apt question would be, what is the meaning of your life? Well, lets take it back, break it down to its roots. Meaning. What does it mean to have meaning? How do you know something has meaning? So many people spend their entire lives trying make their lives have meaning. Perhaps the reason that so many people never find it is because they don’t know what hat meaning is. Perhaps we can pinpoint what the meaning of a thing is, if we first determine what it isn’t.”