You Need Not Reasons

You need not reasons to do what you aspire to do. By letting go of reasons to do something, you’re also letting go of reasons to not do that same something. Then, when fear calls out for an explanation at that timeĀ  you are about to do what you have been dreaming to do, and your life is about to change, you will have forgotten how to reason with fear, and with yourself, leaving the near inevitability of carrying out the action you’ve been hoping for for so long.

There is the imaginative vision that comes to one who aspires, and at some point, the reasoning faculty of him or herself shakes hands with that vision. The reasons are rather friendly, but a vision needs both hands available in order to fully immerse itself in reality and manifest itself. For a period of time, until the action inspired by the vision is carried out, one must make a conscious intention to simply enjoy the fact he or she has found what they want to do, without addressing the “why’s” and “how’s”, even if they are encouraging reasons.

It is a bit like watching a play (the vision), and during, an audience member standing up, and asking the director questions about how and why they decided to create what they created, while the characters are attempting to exclaim and the story is coming to life. The member’s intentions are in no way harmful or evil, and such inquisition would eventually lead to some form of enlightenment for them and whoever else in the audience is listening, but the play is disrupted if the questions are asked at that point in time. The creative flow, and the potential for such creative flow to practically impact the world, and those who are watching, once the play is done, is interrupted.



The only expectations worthy of possessing, if any, are ones whose framework is centered around intention. Around what one has the capacity to do in a given situation, as opposed to what a situation may do to them.