Never Be Ashamed

Never be ashamed of what YOU must do in order to thrive. To take care of yourself so you can enjoy the life that’s been given to you. 


Idle vs. Relaxation

The point of relaxing is not to suppress your fear or stress into a dormant state. It is to open up your system so the tension and energy is released, thus you end up experiencing true relaxation. How do you open up your system? Shake, express, stretch, BREATHE. Open your systems pathways so that everything can be RELEASED and the world can see your beauty.


“Poverty is not about cash flow. It’s about lack of Self-Governance. ” 

                          –KRS One

What do you believe about yourself? Are we satisfied with little, thus leading us into the experience of true wealth? Or not?

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Don’t underestimate the power of imagination…

Most of us have experienced how dreams evoke real emotions as our subconscious paints a picture of reality in our mind, right? If such is possible, what happens when we intentionally do that in our lives while we are awake? What if we dream our strength,happiness,and joy throughout the day? What if we envision what we desire? What if we spend our energy embracing strength as our reality right now until we grow into it? The science of our mind proves the reliability of this powerful technique. 

Find your Purpose in a Blood Cell

Sounds crazy right?

Today I decided to do a video on this:

I was browsing some blogs the other day and, to quote in their words exactly, i found questions on purpose posed. The following quote is from the blog “The Writer’s Bay”..The entry was called “Imperfect Circle:”

“So I think a more apt question would be, what is the meaning of your life? Well, lets take it back, break it down to its roots. Meaning. What does it mean to have meaning? How do you know something has meaning? So many people spend their entire lives trying make their lives have meaning. Perhaps the reason that so many people never find it is because they don’t know what hat meaning is. Perhaps we can pinpoint what the meaning of a thing is, if we first determine what it isn’t.”


The Key to Being Happy

The Key to being happy

is to focus on being.

The More you seek life FIRSTLY in what you’re doing, the more your joy is sapped.

The more you seek life FIRSTLY in striving to just be who you are–meditating on the consistency in your life (your identity…the self within you), the more you will find your joy

Understand? More to come soon.