Eventually, when one has encountered enough trials, he  stops spending energy on expecting a healing in his sleep, and starts spending energy working on the issue in the day.


My straining put into words.

But if a person has had the sense of the Call — the feeling that there’s an adventure for him — and if he doesn’t follow that, but remains in the society because it’s safe and secure, then life dries up. And then he comes to that condition in late middle age: he’s gotten to the top of the ladder, and found that it’s against the wrong wall. 

                     – Joseph Campbell

The Mind and Body

“In school’s we’ve been taught that it is virtuous to think and a lot and have the right answer…you know what they do in Schools now? There’s no phys ed…you know what they are doing more of? Thinking and talking. We’ve been conditioned this way”

                                   – Elliot Hulse

I study better when I engage my body every 5 minutes in some way…pushups, pullups, running in place, balancing, whatever engages your entire body. Promote balance in the self. If you exert the abstract within you, exert the physical within you. Than you’ll be exerting the “YOU”.