Oxygen Kills Suicide: How to take a Baby Step Away from the Negativity

Here’s something I started doing that truly began to pull me out of the depths of Suicidal Impulses. Something we can do anywhere at anytime.

Many people talk about it but we don’t do it enough.

Suicidal impulses, anxiety, and depression all feel like DEATH inside, right?

One common cause of human death is suffocation of some sort–lack of OXYGEN to the brain.

For example…when you hold your breath under water, your thoughts begin to move into a realm of panic once you begin to run out of OXYGEN, right? Thoughts of DEATH and negativity that remind you something inside of you is beginning to shut down.

The physical is tied very much into the emotional and mental. A lack of oxygen causes panic and negative thoughts. And even can influence the sensation of death–the feeling that you are shutting down and that you have nothing left in you to live.Extreme examples such as drowning shows this to be true.

Do we really realize how important deep breathing is?

The phrase “Breathe. It’s OK” is not to be treated as a mere picture of an attempt to calm down. That phrase encapsulates a key to finding the life within you in the most difficult of moments.

Here’s a way to supply more oxygen to your body, thus increasing your ability to embrace positive thoughts, and toss out the negative ones:


* Breathe into your diaphram

* Breathe slowly

* Envision life and strength entering into you as you inhale. Envision weakness and death leaving as you exhale. For some strange reason it helps

*Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

I found deep breathing to be effective when I started living it. Pressing on to do it all the time. Not just during times when I meditate and such.

Oxygen provides you life…literally, and holistically.

I speak merely from experience. This is helped me TREMENDOUSLY.